Our bioinformatics workshops will focus on enabling molecular life scientists in Latin America to access, visualise, analyse, annotate and interpret biomolecular data, and will support them to place their own research data in the public domain. They will be modelled on EMBL-EBI off-site courses and tailored to the research interests of our hosts. Travel costs will be subsidised for hard-to-reach groups of scientists.

  • CABANA will deliver 28 workshops throughout Latin America
  • Initially, these will take place in our partner institutions; we will engage with new hosts in our partner countries and in other countries on the DAC list in Latin America. 
  • The workshops will be a joint effort between EMBL-EBI scientists and local scientists, with EMBL-EBI’s direct involvement reducing as the host region gains training capacity

We will also provide leadership workshops aimed at more established scientists; these events will focus on how to build bioinformatics expertise into a team, and on forging effective collaborations with bioinformatics experts. We will explore areas such as research management and the professional development of research group members. These events will be loosely modelled on EMBL-EBI’s popular Bioinformatics for Principal Investigators course.

We will hold summit meetings on special topics of cross-cutting importance to the entire project: one will be on approaches to inspiring the next generation of bioinformatics-aware life scientists in the region and will include exchange of experience in reaching out to underrepresented groups; another will be on developing robust and sustainable bioinformatics research infrastructure in Latin America. Other topics of shared interest may arise throughout the project.

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