CABANA e-Learning: Four new courses and more to come


We announce the publication of four courses for the bioinformatics community: 

  • Essentials Genomics

  • Essentials Metagenomics part II

  • Practical Transcriptomics Differential Expression applied to Food production

  • Practical Metagenomics Microbiome tutorial with QIIME2

The authors are collaborators of the CABANA project including Ángela Peña, Alejandro Sánchez, Randall Jiménez, Alejandro Reyes and Rebeca Campos. 

All tutorials are published in Spanish and English to be used in the CABANA platform ( We expect these resources to be useful for teaching at universities and for self-learners. We encourage you to try them and share them with your communities.

Go to this webpage to get started and register:

A quick tour of the platform could also be useful: 

English video

Spanish video