Past CABANA workshops

CABANA Workshop: Genomic and transcriptomic resources for eukaryotic species

Virtual format

02 Aug 2021

This course is intended to be a gentle introduction to the computational resources available for analysis of omics data in eukaryotic species. Specifically, we will cover: 1) an optional Linux crash course; 2) file formats commonly used in NGS data analysis; 3) web resources…

Curso Internacional: Estrategias bioinformáticas para el estudio de enfermedades tropicales desatendidas (ETDs)

Virtual format

21 Jun 2021

Este curso ofrecerá entrenamiento en herramientas y estrategias bioinformáticas para el estudio de enfermedades tropicales desde una perspectiva molecular. Las sesiones cubrirán el análisis de datos provenientes de múltiples repositorios ómicos con información relacionada…

CABANA workshop: Analysis of crop genomics data

Virtual format

01 Mar 2021

Please note this course was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will take place virtually in 2021.

This course will introduce crop biologists to methods and approaches for analysing crop genomics data for genotyping. During the course participants will…

CABANA workshop: Applied bioinformatics, molecular epidemiology, and the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Virtual format

01 Dec 2020

This workshop will provide training on the use of bioinformatic tools for the design and analysis of research and diagnostic molecular assays. Trainees will receive training on viral genome assembly, comparative viral genomics and downstream applications of this data in…

CABANA train the trainer workshop for XMXP20

Virtual format

11 Nov 2020

This highly interactive virtual workshop takes place within the X-meeting eXperience 2020, organized by AB3C. It will provide new trainers with knowledge, skills, guidance and tips for developing and delivering training. Trainees will explore a range of methods to enable and…

CABANA train the trainer workshop for ISCB-Latin America 2020

Virtual format

22 Oct 2020

This virtual workshop takes place within the ISCB-LA SoIBio BioNetMX 2020 symposium. It will provide new trainers with knowledge, skills, guidance and tips for developing and delivering training. Participants will explore a range of methods to enable and encourage learning,…

CZI-CABANA Joint Workshop: Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2

Virtual format

05 Oct 2020

Members of the QIIME 2 team will teach a five-day online workshop on bioinformatics tools for microbiome science. This workshop will provide attendees with the foundation needed to begin using QIIME 2 to advance their own microbiome research projects. This will be…

CABANA workshop: Exploring biological networks and its application in health and disease

Center of Data and Knowledge Integration for Health - CIDACS, Instituto Gonçalo Moniz (IGM) - FIOCRUZ, Salvador, Brazil

04 May 2020

This workshop will introduce open-source tools for creating, visualizing and analysing biological networks oriented towards the study of pathogens. Training will be provided on computational tools and databases such as Reactome, Cytoscape, Gephi for graph visualization and…

CABANA Workshop: Managing a bioinformatics core facility

Fiocruz - Palácio Itaboraí, Petrópolis, Brazil

31 Mar 2020

This knowledge exchange workshop is an opportunity for managers of bioinformatics core facilities to learn from EMBL-EBI’s service teams, from each other, and from potential users of their services. These facilities play an essential role in enabling research in the molecular…

CABANA Workshop: NGS analysis applied to virome sequencing in agricultural systems

University of Costa Rica (UCR), San José, Costa Rica

24 Feb 2020

Virome sequencing is a high throughput method to identify and classify communities of viruses, not only in plants but also animals and humans. We will focus on the sequencing of small-interfering RNAs (siRNAs) to discover the virus population in plant samples. The resulting…