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Rodrigo Lopez

Head of Web Production
Home institute: EMBL-EBI
Country of residence: United Kingdom
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Web page: Group web page
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Relevant challenge area(s): Communicable disease, Sustainable food production, Protection of biodiversity

Rodrigo Lopez joined EMBL-EBI in 1996 as a systems administrator responsible for the deployment of scientific computing and became the External Services Team Leader in 2002. His Web Production team is responsible for the administration of the web infrastructure, development of core software services such as the EBI search engine and EMBL-EBI's job dispatcher, through which many sequence analysis tools run. Many project teams, both externally and within EMBL-EBI, depend on these developments. Rodrigo's team provides institute-wide support and advice on best practises to users. They are heavily involved in the support and in both technical and scientific training of the core software and systems they maintain. 

BSc In Veterinary Medicine, 1984, MSc Molecular Toxicology and Informatics 1987, University of Oslo. At EMBL-EBI since 1995