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Daniel Koile

PhD student
Home institute: Biomedicine Research Institute of Buenos Aires - CONICET
Country of residence: Argentina
Highest qualification: MSc
Name of the host: Henning Hermjakob
Projects start date:
Relevant challenge area(s): Communicable disease
Projects end date:
Type of project: Software curation

Daniel Koile studied Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the faculty of exact and natural sciences. After his master's degree, he started his PhD in the Bioinformatics Core Facility of the Biomedicine Research Institute of Buenos Aires - CONICET - partner institute of the Max Planck Society (IBioBA-CONICET-MPSP) under the supervision of Dr. Patricio Yankilevich. He has been working there since 2013, his main project being the development of GenIO, a phenotype-genotype analysis web server design to assist clinical genomics researchers and medical doctors in the diagnostic process of rare genetic diseases.

Project summary


Daniel's project included taking part in the curation process of the Reactome database, developing the online training module “Reactome as a Tool for Disease Analysis”, suitable for use in the context of Reactome outreach as well as future CABANA activities, and the feasibility study and posterior integration of Reactome with GenIO, aiming to improve the analysis for candidate genes.

Project outcomes and impact