Meet secondees

Photo of Agustin Pardo
PhD student
Curation and analysis of human-Mycobacterium interaction networks in Reactome
Ana Isabel Castillo Orozco
Research Intern and Lecturer
Determination of ancestry and reconstructing pre-Columbian history of South American human populations with genomic markers
Photo of Carla Filippi
Post-doctoral researcher
Integration of genomic data from three major sunflower collections
Cei Abreu-Goodger
Group Leader
Inferring microRNA function from gene expression databases
César Prada Medina
PhD student
Building a model for personlized medicine for the treatment of Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis
Photo of Daniel Koile
PhD student
GenIO: a phenotype-genotype analysis web server for clinical genomics of rare disease
Photo of Federico Vignale
PhD student
Characterisation of Arsenic Metabolism in Microbial Mats and Microbialites from High-Altitude Andean Lakes
Gabriela Merino
Post-Doctoral researcher
Integration of multi-level data with machine learning to derive functional annotation of proteins
Guillermo Rangel-Pineros
Post-Doctoral student
Diversity and ecology of phages targeting the human opportunistic pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae
Photo of Hannele Lindqvist-Kreuze
Molecular Breeder
A pipeline for the genomic analysis of tetrapoid potato
Julieth Silva
PhD student
Constructing, curating and modelling healing and non-healing immune responses in human cutaneous leishmaniasis
Karina Atriztán
PhD student
Prediction and annotation of Secondary Metabolism pathways in the complete genome of the Biological control agent Trichoderma atroviride
Mayra Osorio
PhD student
Functional genomic comparison of cocoa strains to water stress
Mindy Munoz
PhD student
Comprehensive quality control analysis of public proteomics datasets in the PRIDE database
Rebeca Campos Sánchez
Professor of Molecular Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics
Development of data analysis resources for Costa Rica: e-Learning as an alternative and complement of conferences and workshops.
Photo of Rodrigo Ochoa
PhD student
Design of antigenic peptides for use in vaccines against Neglected Tropical Diseases
Valeria Faggioli
Post-Doctoral researcher
Characterisation of microbial communities in soil monoculture