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Karina Atriztán

Karina Atriztán

PhD student
Home institute: Langebio-CInvestav, Mexico
Country of residence: Mexico
Highest qualification: MSc
Name of the host: Adrián Gustavo Turjanski
Projects start date:
Relevant challenge area(s): Protection of biodiversity
Projects end date:
Type of project: Software curation

Karina is a Biologist with a Master in Sciences and currently and undertaking a PhD at Langebio-Cinvestav, Irapuato, Mexico on the Biotechnology of Plants program. Her PhD project is focussed on the analysis of the genetic regulation of defence mechanisms of fungi against predators and regeneration process after injury, from a Metabolic and Transcriptional approach.

Project summary
My secondment project is focused on the reconstruction and annotation of fungal metabolic pathways. Using bioinformatic tools developed and improved by Adrian´s Lab and genomic data generated by our lab in Mexico, we propose to design a guide to predict all possible metabolites produced by filamentous fungi, using as the model the genome of the filamentous fungus Trichoderma  atroviride.   

We are working  on the curation of T. atroviride´s genome, specially focused in all genes that participate in metabolic pathways. These tools will help to explore the metabolic diversity in fungi, their genomic regions and genetic regulation, and it can also be used in other organisms that have available genomic information. The generated information will to contributing to the access of genetic information of compounds applicable to various biological areas.

Project outcomes and impact