Secondment hosts in the UK

Photo of Alan Archibald
Personal Chair of Mammalian Molecular Genetics, Roslin Institute
  • Genome sequencing of farmed animals
  • Genome sequencing of Suina species
  • Phylogenomics
  • Genetics of complex traits
Photo of Alex Bateman
Senior Team Leader, Protein sequence resources
  • Computational characterisation of bacterial host interacting proteins.
  • Investigation of protein domain composition, discovery of novel protein domains, correlated mutation analysis and sequence analysis of host binding domains.
Photo of Andrew Leach
Head of Chemistry Services
  • Computational drug discovery
  • Molecule design (Including structure-based design)
  • Cheminformatics, Computational chemistry, Chemogenomics
  • Machine learning
  • Text mining
Photo of Cath Brooksbank
Head of Training at EMBL-EBI
  • Development of training materials and training methods of relevance to CABANA's three challenges
  • Piloting remote participation in courses
  • Adaptation and translation of existing training materials for new target audiences such as undergraduates and schools
Photo of Chris Creevey
  • Finding novel antimicrobial peptides
  • The microbiomes of ruminants
  • Detecting microbial niches in metagenomic data
Photo of Claire Jenkins
Head of E. coli, Shigella, Yersinia and Vibrio Reference Service
  • Public health genomics and bioinformatics
  • Whole genome sequencing and analysis of gastrointestinal infections
Photo of Claire O'Donovan
Team Leader - O'Donovan team: Metabolomics
  • Identifying the Metabolomes of model organisms
  • Identifying the Metabolomes of commercial crops and their pathogens
  • Building a reference set of chemical compounds and their metabolomic context
Photo of Daniel Zerbino
Team Leader, Genome Analysis
  • Defining regulatory elements from large epigenomic datasets
  • Defining cis-regulatory interactions from Hi-C and eQTL
  • GWAS functional analysis pipeline
Photo of Evangelia Petsalaki
Group Leader - Petsalaki research group
  • Topics related to network inference and data integration
Photo of Guy Cochrane
Team Leader, Data Coordination and Archiving
  • Curating and adding value to data in the area of Zika and/or other currently relevant pathogens including bacterial pathogens
Henning Hermjakob
Team Leader Molecular Networks
  • Curation of Human/Pathogen pathways in Reactome (ideally several six-month projects, each on a different disease theme)
  • The Omics Discovery Index: Efficient discovery of local and global omics datasets
Photo of Irene Papatheodorou
Team Leader - Gene Expression
  • Analysis or visualisation of bulk and single cell transcriptomics
  • Linking gene expression to phenotypes
  • Characterising cell types
Photo of Janet Thornton
Director Emeritus of EMBL-EBI & Senior Scientist
  • Using enzymes in biotechnology - design and evolution
  • Using enzymes in biotechnology - design and evolution
Photo of Jose de Vega
Research Fellow
  • Application of genomics to sustainable food production.
Photo of Juan Antonio Vizcaino
Proteomics Team Leader
  • Development of data integration approaches involving mass spectrometry proteomics data
  • Re-analysis of proteomics datasets to create an updated view of the proteome or metaproteome (e.g. for relevant Latin American pathogens, crops or livestock species)
  • Proteogenomics analysis and related genome annotation activities for relevant organisms in Latin America
Photo of Kevin Howe
Team Leader, Eukaryotic Annotation
  • Vertebrate genome annotation and comparative genomics
  • Genomics of helminths (parasitic worms)
  • Model organism genomics
Maria Martin
Team Leader: Protein Function Development
  • Computational annotation of protein sequences, data mining and analysis tools
  • Data integration technologies and format
  • Protein data visualization design and web technologies
  • Enzymes and biocatalysis services
  • Gene Ontology services and programmatic access
Photo of Paul Flicek
Associate Director of EMBL-EBI Services, Senior Scientist and Head of Genes, Genomes & Variation Services
  • Genomics of livestock species or endangered vertebrate species
  • Genomics of crops and pathogens
Photo of Pedro Beltrao
Group Leader - Beltrao research group
  • Research projects on the theme of evolution of cellular networks, protein post-translational regulation, cancer genomics or genotype to phenotype mapping.
Photo of Rob Finn
Team Leader, Sequence Families
  • Analysing metagenomics datasets from different ecological niches to understand the taxonomic and functional repertoire present and adaptation
  • Recovery of genomes from metagenomic datasets, identification and investigation of novel proteins and pathways
  • Curation of Pfam entries for specific genomes of agricultural or disease relevance
Photo of Rodrigo Lopez
Head of Web Production
  • Development of new web-based services or programmatic access to them
Photo of Sameer Velankar
Team Leader, Protein Data Bank in Europe
  • Enrichment of 3D macromolecular structures in the PDB with added-value annotations and analysis of assembled data sets
  • Development of innovative web-based visualisation tools for 3D structure data
Sandra Orchard
Team Leader - Protein Function Content
  • Curation of protein data sets associated with CABANA’s challenge areas (in association with Maria Martin)
Photo of Sarah Morgan
Scientific Training Coordinator
  • Development of training programmes and course curricula (both face to face and online)
  • Analysis of training quality and impact
  • New trainer development and mentoring
Photo of Thomas Keane
Team Leader, European Genome-phenome Archive and European Variation Archive
  • Rodent diversity, rodent genetics and genomics, environmental adaptation
Photo of Zamin Iqbal
Research Group Leader - Iqbal research group
  • Diagnostics and surveillance of drug resistance in tuberculosis, in S. America and across the world